Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa

Trouble at the Ambergul Estate

The ship pulled to the riverbank to pick up a large caravan of people that seemed to be in some trouble. Once aboard, a member of the caravan named Tris Asan explained that they were fleeing the Capital of Cormolan because word had spread that there was a coup,Prince Wilhelm was now king, and the prince and princess were dead. Although they couldn’t be sure that Wilhelm was responsible, they did not want to be anywhere near the capital with him in power, so they were headed south.

Recognizing that the caravan would also be in extreme danger if they headed south, the party agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest that they leave the ship, with the caravan, and head to the west, following a road that led away from the river. This group included Tris, Ander Hornraven, and 40 others.

After almost a day of travel, the caravan came across a tree that was blocking the road. Vesriad quickly recognized it as a probable ambush, a theory that Prometheus quickly support by observing that the tree was clearly cut down on purpose. With a set of ruins to the south, a sheer cliff face to the north, and a massive storm incoming, the party decided it must look for cover before the storm or their ambushers arrive.

All that was left of these ruins was a number of crypts, a number of which were still intact but not likely large enough to provide shelter for 48 people; however, the party quickly found a trapdoor leading to a large underground room, which was unfortunately covered in deadly, Blue Lung Disease causing fungus.

While searching another crypt, Prometheus found another trap door just like the first, but before he could get it open all hell broke loose. With the storm approaching, the party suddenly found itself in a bank of unnatural fog. Thinking quickly, Khiana cast Dispel Magic in time to see two attackers: one with two daggers in his chest, presumably from Tris, who now had a dagger in his own chest and was bleeding profusely, and another attacker getting ready to strike again. She made short work of the attacker and noticed that Eirena was also in trouble. She was being held by a robed figure. Khiana screamed out for help and immediately cast a healing spell on Tris, but it seemed to have no effect. He continued to bleed uncontrollably.

Hearing Khiana’s scream, Vesriad came out to see the chaos in front of him: Eirena was being taken, Tris was bleeding out, Khiana was doing her best to save him, the caravan was panicking, and the storm was growing ever closer. Vesriad attacked Eirena’s attacker and hit him with a powerful Blast. Surprised, Eirena’s attacker raised up his hand and they both immediately disappeared. Vesriad, realizing the danger of the approaching storm, bellowed to the caravan, “Get inside, all of you!” Immediately the mob took notice of the danger and attempted to get into the hidden underground room that Prometheus had just opened. The rest of the party helped to get as many people to safety as possible.

At this point, Tris looked up to Khiana and screamed. “Oh god, not again. Get to cover, now!” As he passed out, a wave of energy was released from his body that could be felt by the whole party. Unable to leave him behind, Khiana dragged Tris into the crypt. As Vesriad took one last look at the caravan, he saw that this was no ordinary storm. The wind appeared to take on a white hue as it danced across the plateau, the people unfortunate enough to get caught in the wind had their flesh rent from bone as they let out terrifying screams. Vesriad, Khiana, and Tris made their way through the trap door just in time to see Ander being ripped apart while trying to make it down into the room. The trap door slammed shut. Only ten members of the caravan survived.

Stuck in a small room, Vesriad immediately began tending to Tris. He quickly recognized that a poison that the attackers used made it unable for magic to heal his wounds, without neutralizing the poison, Tris would surely die. While instructing Khiana to slow the bleeding as much as she could, Vesriad worked on using his med kit to neutralize the poison. Once the poison was neutralized, Tris was quickly healed by Khiana and regained consciousness. He had no memory of what he said to Khiana.

Prometheus quickly found another secret door in this room. Knowing that they did not have enough supplies for everyone here and not knowing how long this “storm” may last, Khiana, Vesriad, Prometheus, and Tris decided it was best to investigate the secret passage to determine if there was another way out. Tamer and Brevity were left behind to protect what was left of the caravan.

The exploring party found that a large rock blocked there way but were able to move it far enough to uncover a passage leading into a crypt. Inside the crypt the party met Baltron Felwick and Arassan, two grave robbers, part of a larger group, that seemed extremely out of place. The party quickly realized that despite the fact they are clearly corporeal, they are likely the spirits of men who had died over a thousand years ago. (They believed the mansion that stood over this crypt was still intact along with a number of other clues). When questioned that informed the party that this was the crypt of the Ambergul Estate, and they came here with a group to recover an artifact that was used to turn a regular person into a type of lich. Their companions included: Darwa Dalion; Thord Ironaxe, a dwarf; Grit, Thord’s dworc son; Lump, a half orc, half ogre; and a number of other robbers. It was during this conversation that a statue of an Ogre came to life and pushed the block back into place, blocking the exit. As it had grown late, the party decided to rest.

Upon waking, the party explored the crypt area and uncovered a secret passage leading to a throne room. In this room sat the lich, Alicia Ambergul, the matriarch of the Ambergul family. She explained that she had no intention of harming the party because the dungeon would take care of that for her, which was much more amusing, She also informed the party that she “knew” that they were there for the artifact, so that the Blood King could achieve immortality. She did, however, request that the party take along her clockwork cat.

The party carefully worked their way through the dungeon, stopping to rest once when it became to difficult to proceed, uncovering secrets and treasure along the way, and eventually came across Alicia’s daughter, Olivine Ambergul, whom the gods had turned into a medusa as punishment for murdering her husbands. The party made “quick” work of Olivine and decided it would be a good time to rest.

When Khiana awoke she used a sending to attempt to contact Eirena to determine whether she was alright and where she was being kept. Eirena’s response: “I was transported by horseback. We’re all very sick. Blue lung disease I think. The spell wasn’t teleport.”


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