Tag: Cormolan


  • Princess Delilah L'espirit

    The young Princess of [[Cormolan]] is twelve years old. Although her father likes to dress her up as a proper princess, she would much rather spend her time out in the stables or practicing falconry. Princess Lilly and Prince Drayke have the same …

  • King Wilhelm L'espirit

    The first born son of King Edmund, Wilhelm has always been first in line to the Throne of [[Cormolan | Cormolan]]. He is known largely for two things, his cruelty and his swordsmanship.

  • King Edmund L'espirit

    King Edmund's reign lasted for 30 years. He is the father of [[:king-wilhelm-l-espirit | Wilhelm]], [[:prince-drayke-l-espirit | Drayke]], and [[:princess-delilah-l-espirit | Delilah]] L'espirit.