Tag: Deceased


  • Khiana Meineiros Tha'arel

    Khiana is a personable high society Lady from Cormolan. She has even been known to accompany Prince Drayke to formal occasions. She has musical talents which include song, dance, and various instruments. She spends much of her time traveling and seems to …

  • Ander Hornraven

    Ander Hornraven was fairly well known around the delta as a man who had his hand in a lot of different projects.

  • Princess Delilah L'espirit

    The young Princess of [[Cormolan]] is twelve years old. Although her father likes to dress her up as a proper princess, she would much rather spend her time out in the stables or practicing falconry. Princess Lilly and Prince Drayke have the same …

  • King Edmund L'espirit

    King Edmund's reign lasted for 30 years. He is the father of [[:king-wilhelm-l-espirit | Wilhelm]], [[:prince-drayke-l-espirit | Drayke]], and [[:princess-delilah-l-espirit | Delilah]] L'espirit.