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Welcome to the Land of Meena

This northern region is composed of five kingdoms: Cormolan, Nauria, the Kingdom of Arda, the Kingdom of Aerandir, and the Land of Nilya.

Early History

The Land of Meena was originally settled by an unknown culture. Little is known about this culture except that they religion heavily involved the worship of spirits. Ruins of their civilizations scatter the land. The only known building left intake is the fortress-palace at the center of Cormolan.

Recent History

The current residents of the Land of Meena settled the abandoned region approximately 400 years ago during a unique period where the storms over the Southern Sea calmed enough for safe travel to the region.

Over the course of centuries, the kingdoms remained intact, however, the borders have changed drastically as wars were waged. While the region is currently experiencing a period of peace, the agreements allowing this peace are very delicate.

Approximately 50 years ago, the kingdoms formed a loose alliance to defeat the most dangerous threat the region had ever faced, a sorcerer known as the Blood who’s power surpassed that of the five kingdoms combined. It took the sacrifice of another powerful sorcerer to defeat him. These alliances have remained in place ever since.


The geography of the Land of Meena is very diverse. The region sits within a very large caldera. As the Northern Sea is frozen most of the year, and the weather is not survivable that far north, it is not known how far north the sea goes.

The kingdoms are largely separated by a vast river system that results from the northern glaciers. These rivers, averaging a width of 10 miles, are the main source of fresh water in the region.


The climate of the region is not at all like what would be expected this far north. The caldera, which is still active, warms the land to a temperate climate with mild winters in the south.

The warm air created over the caldera mix with the cold fronts expected in the region to form massive storm systems that exist in the surrounding seas almost permanently.

Outside the Caldera

The settlement in the south of the region, outside of the caldera, is only semi-permanent. Storm swells destroy any permanent residences on a regular basis; However, the people that live there are a type that are use to rebuilding.

This area, being home to the only entrance to the caldera, is of extreme strategic importance. While the land is technically a part of Cormolan, the region is considered sovereign. This agreement was made in an effort to stabilize the region.

Travel to other regions is impossible because of the storms in the Southern Sea. The only ones able to sail the sea are the Trading Guild. The Trading Guild uses routes that allow them to travel from safe coves during periods of relative calm. They keep the locations of these coves as closely held secrets to maintain their monopoly.

Main Page

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